A week has passed and we’re still buzzed and generating interest from our day at NewCo Cincinnati. If you’re not familiar with NewCo, it is a daylong event where companies open their doors to share their stories and connect with others. The first session of the day was our own. It was awesome to host so many professionals and enthusiastic students at our home in Covington. We made some great new friends and we can’t wait to do it again next year. If you’re interested in hearing our session, check our Facebook live post. Once our focus on presenting was over, we got to experience NewCo as an attendee. Here’s their recap:




Ample & Loteda: Two things here. First, the kitchen table where the Ample founders hatched the concept for their company and did their early work is now the bar top in their office space. What an awesome everyday reminder of how far they’ve come! Second, Kevin Conner shared a powerful mantra: Don’t take orders…ask “why?” In other words, a client who asks for a service might not always be chasing the best solution to their problem. By asking them tough questions, you can ensure that you’re providing them with the product or service they need to be successful.

Everything But The House: EBTH has experienced phenomenal growth, but it’s clear that they’re just getting started. It takes an exceptional leadership team to keep a rocket ship like EBTH on course. They’re doing it by staying true to their core beliefs and creating value in unconventional ways.

Everything But the House (Again): Here’s my #NewCoCincy confession: I had a really hard time leaving EBTH, and I missed my next scheduled session. I got involved in a great conversation, and ya’ know what? Sometimes you just have to call an audible when you’re making new friends. That’s what NewCo is all about, right?

Complete Set: Everything about Complete Set is fun! You can’t get too far in the door without a friendly greeting from the office dog. Toys, collectibles, and superhero art fill the space. Many people think startups are about pingpong and beer, but the truth is…it’s serious business. Complete Set just happens to be in the business of fun. They’re true to their culture. It helps them attract the right people and feeds their passion.

The Metropolitan Club: I called another audible at the end of the day and visited The Metropolitan Club. I’m glad I did. There are a lot of things to love about this organization. They’re bringing senior level professionals together with young professionals for mentorship, and helping young professionals to activate and breath life into the Northern KY/Cincinnati business community.

NewCo Session: Ample

NewCo Session: Complete Set

NewCoSession: Ample/Loteda




Star Sailor Power: Wow. This is an impressive example of the global efforts being done right here in Cincinnati. Star Sailor Power’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the chemical battery by creating the first high-density, lightweight scalable power storage both on earth and in space. The name stands for both astronauts and someone who navigates the stars. Though clearly displaying an incredible level of academic intelligence, Dr. Rai Menges gave the important lesson that in order to be innovative you have to remain child-like and remember how to play.

bioLOGIC:  These are our Covington neighbors and though I’ve met several members before, I was glad to be introduced to some new faces. Nigel Ferry, the Chairman and CEO, gave us a quick tour of their historic and gorgeous office. Nigel said it best when he stated “If you get the right people, you cannot fail.” Congrats to their company Bexion Pharmaceuticals on recently receiving FDA clearance for clinical trials on their cancer treating drug. Also, we’re looking forward to the development of Innovation Alley come fall!

Hotel Covington: Our beloved city is in for a top-notch experience when Hotel Covington opens. No detail is overlooked and yet every detail is focused on local. In fact, the term hyper-local is what I learned from the passionate group as they explained their choices from food to merchandise to the community experience. Fun fact: both Uno and Magic 8 Balls were invented in Cincinnati and can be found in every guest room. Welcome to the neighborhood, Hotel Cov!

Source Cincinnati: What attracted me to this session was learning more about their approach to telling Cincinnati’s story nationally. We’re storytellers ourselves and have had many opportunities to depict local messaging, such as with Covington’s Bicentennial or the entrepreneurial ecosystem. I didn’t realize that Source Cincinnati was the name behind so much exciting press recently and it was great to learn more about their efforts.

The E.W. Scripps Company:  As a small agency, I wanted to check in on what the big national media brands are doing. I learned a new phrase – the idea of “trading analog dollars for digital dimes.” It may be more affordable to produce content these days, but we are now competing with everyone in a much larger media space. Also, kudos to Scripps on their many national brands and innovative efforts in the digital media space.

NewCo Session: bioLOGIC

NewCo Session: bioLOGIC


NewCo Session: Source Cincinnati