Yeti Hands-Up Program A Boost For The Small, New, & Charitable

Yeti Hands-Up Program

The discounted offer includes a choice from four video packages:


1. Company Overview Video:

Explain and share your company’s purpose or product. A video overview can serve as a first introduction to customers that adds a voice and face to your brand in web or other marketing materials.

2. Client Testimonial Video:

Turn your most loyal customers into your brand’s most trusted advocates. Client testimonials build credibility while allowing their customers to relate to similar experiences they face.

3. Staff Introductions Video:

Develop trust with customers by giving them the opportunity to become more familiar with your company. Using a video to introduce your staff enhances your relationship with customers by personalizing your team.


4. Media Mix:

Creating content for your company is key. The Media Mix Video Package allows you to have more topic-specific videos to stay relevant with customers. These are perfect for social media or blogging.