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Video Production During COVID-19

Posted on May 11, 2020 by Clancy Calkins

Spotted Yeti Media is committed to the health and safety of our team and clients. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we have implemented additional measures to minimize the spread of the virus while continuing to deliver high quality video marketing content.

State and CDC Guidelines

Spotted Yeti is staying current and adhering to Kentucky, Ohio, and CDC guidelines. Our team is performing all pre-production (creative and planning) and post production (video editing) tasks from home. While on production (video shoot), we are: social distancing, wearing face masks, washing hands, and routinely disinfecting surfaces and equipment. Any crew member who is feeling sick or has a fever is required to stay home.

Crew Size

Spotted Yeti is restricting crew size to key roles. Typically, this will mean a Producer and a Camera Operator only. An Audio Engineer, Lighting Technician, or Grip will be added as needed. Wardrobe and Makeup will be provided at the request of clients only. All wardrobe and makeup expendables will be new product and assigned to onscreen talent to prevent cross contamination. All crew members are required to wear face masks while working near other crew members, talent, or clients.

Spotted Yeti- Covid19 Production

Social Distancing with Zones

Zones will be created using tape in the studio or on location. Zones will be designated for crew and equipment, clients, onscreen talent, and as needed. Each zone can have only one person in it at a time and are designed to keep people six feet or more apart.

Equipment Handling

Each piece of equipment will be assigned to a crew member for setup, adjustments, and tear down. During tear down, all equipment will be disinfected before getting packed in their cases. When manageable, setups should happen before client and talent arrive on set.

Interested in learning more about what services we offer? Check out our production services page and get in touch! We're here to help. 





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