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COVID-19 Update: Still Here to Help with Your Video Needs

Posted on March 31, 2020 by Clancy Calkins

Like many of you out there the Spotted Yeti team has had to adjust the way we normally work — but we remain open and ready to take on your next video project. We still have the capacity for remote work and will consider in-person shoots with small crews, if your organization's message is timely and important during these times. 

While we believe in the power of storytelling, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our clients, family, friends, and staff. We are taking this situation very seriously by following legal mandates and CDC guidelines to curb risk. In-person shoots will be conducted with sanitary precautions and limited crew if the nature of the the content is deemed essential for our community.

Pivoting & New Opportunities

This situation has been a challenging adjustment, but it also presents opportunities to use information in a new way. Video is a great way to communicate both information and emotion, and to convey a message to a large audience. The power of storytelling can keep us all connected as we navigate through these times of isolation. 

One of our clients, Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission, actually pivoted their scheduled production to make time for more timely content — a commercial telling their community that their business was still open and here to help. We were able to help by producing this video with a two-person crew and all production (planning, production, editing, revisions, posting on social) was done within 24 hours.


We remain a full-service video agency that can help with productions and video marketing and strategy. At this time, we have also added to our services to include live streams or pre-recorded messages either at your location or in our in-house studio to offer timely communication with your audience. You can also get in touch for more information about general consulting. Take a look at our offerings and get in touch today to see how we can help with your video messaging even through these unprecedented times:

  • Studio Sessions & Live Streaming: Pre-record content or live stream (at your location or in our in-house studio) to develop videos to send to your remote audiences.
  • Post Production: Create new content with existing footage, user generated and mobile videography, and stock footage. Here's an example of how Learning Grove pivoted to a virtual gala and we were able to quickly edit user-provided videos. 
  • Motion Graphics & Animation: Tell your story through designed and animated visuals - perfect for a remote workflow. Checkout this sample motion graphics video we produced for SD1. 
  • Strategy & Content: Use this time to think strategically about your video marketing plan like developing a content calendar or a video campaign.
  • Scaled-Back Productions:  In order to responsibly social distance together, we’re scaling back our crew so that we fit the national guidelines on public gatherings.

Questions? Get in touch. We’re here and happy to help.




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