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Defining your creative concept

There are many ways to tell your story visually through video. Your video may require actors. Or you may use your own personnel as interview subjects. Maybe you need a studio production or high-end graphics to captivate your audience. The possibilities are endless. So to make it easier, we break our video storytelling styles into three main categories:

Number-1.pngInterview Style Videos

BEST USE: To showcase your authentic brand personality and connect emotionally with your audience. People engage with a brand when they feel an emotional connection.

WHAT IT IS: A documentary-style production that enables you tell your story through the voices of those who know it best.

THE PROCESS: We work with you to define your story’s purpose, identify the people to tell it best, write an outline, and generate script questions. The final script is developed in post-production (the edit) and this is where your story comes to life.

An Interview video usually includes shooting 30-minute interview sessions as well as supplemental video (called b-roll) that will visually enhance the subject matter.

Number-2.pngOriginal Creative concepts

BEST USE: When you want your video to be truly original and memorable for your audience.

WHAT IT IS: A unique way to market your message through creative development and scripting.

THE PROCESS: We work with you to define your story’s purpose and develop an outline. We then view samples of different video styles and identify which resonates with you and your audience. The research phase is next, where we develop specific creative concepts for you to evaluate.

Then comes scriptwriting, shot planning, and often, storyboarding. We make sure you have a crystal clear understanding of the final product before we move into production.


BEST USE: Motion graphics are perfect for illustrating a value proposition, telling a narrative story, or demonstrating technical concepts to your audience.

WHAT IT IS: Motion graphics are illustrations with movement that can range from text to iconography to fully designed scenes and characters. They are custom created and animated to create a sense of movement.      

THE PROCESS: We custom-create Motion Graphics to fit your brand style. Full motion graphic projects often include a voiceover. We work with you to create an engaging and refined script. 

Then we move into the concept and storyboard phase where you get a sense of the visuals prior to actual animation. Motion graphics are trendy and really enhance live video by connecting with your audience in a whole new way.

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