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Clancy Calkins

Clancy Calkins
Clancy Calkins is a producer and video strategist with a background in documentary filmmaking. Her work has required her to produce video while tethered to the top of 5-story building, in a shark tank, and while cruising past 10-foot alligators in the Louisiana bayou. She has a knack for breaking down ambiguous creative ideas into logistic next steps so that the process is calm, on time, and under budget. She believes that showing audiences different places and ways of life reminds them to be empathetic global citizens.
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Collaboration Makes Blink Happen

Behind-the-Scenes, blinkcincinnati, blinkspottedyeti October 3, 2019

BLINK®  will be more than just a flurry of color around the City, it’s a testament to collaboration and hard work done all across the community. It also signifies a time to shine for artists across the Cincinnati area. 

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