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it's not just about having great video, but making it smart.


You already know video is a powerful tool. It's concise, persuasive, and explains information with ease. When done well, video transforms stories into a form that inspires people like no other medium. And video is one of the strongest influences in conversion rates - regardless of your type of business or organization. 

So let's get smart and combine STRATEGY + VIDEO PRODUCTION to get the results you desire. Bring us your story. We'll explore your goals and objectives. We'll discover what moves your target audience. We'll unearth those ah-ha moments. Then, through our script-to-screen video production process we'll breathe life into your story that goes way beyond words and static images. And then we'll coach you on ways to optimize your video's performance so that your story makes an impact. 


Spotted Yeti Media Video Production Cincinnati Strategy


Smart video starts with a deep dive into your brand to learn more about your target audience and objectives. In this phase we also talk about creative and how your videos might look and feel. Together, we create a Video Roadmap to plot your video marketing journey and game plan.

Spotted Yeti Media Video Production Cincinnati


The production phase is where we spend most our our time.  From preproduction (scriptwriting, logistics) to production (shoot) through post-production (editing), there's lots that goes into creating your video deliverables. Click below to break this phase down further. 

Spotted Yeti Media Video Production Cincinnati


We want you to meet your audience at the right time and place. That means creating a delivery plan to optimize for where your video will be displayed. (Ex. social media, live events, trade shows, etc.) This also means that we keep you up-to-date on video trends and marketing tactics.

Spotted Yeti Media Video Production Editing


We believe you can't make a plan and let it sit. Our objective is to be your video partner and extension of your marketing team. We'll review analytics with you and help pivot where necessary to achieve stronger results.


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Spotted Yeti Media Video Production Cincinnati Video Production Process

VIDEO Production begins WITH A CHAT