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Tell your story to make a difference

You’re ready to launch your new business. Or your business is small with only a few staff members. Or perhaps you run a non-profit. You know that professionally produced, high quality, creative video would help you tell your story and reach a wider audience. But it’s been outside your reach. Until now.

The Yeti Hands-Up Program is designed to give your small, new, or charitable venture the opportunity to harness the power of video at a price that fits into your budget.

You qualify for Hands-Up if you meet one of these three criteria:

  1. You have fewer than five employees
  2. Your company has been in existence three years or less
  3. You’re a non-profit

Choose from four types of video packages: company overview, customer testimonial, staff introductions, or media mix videos that are perfect for social media and blogging.

Do you qualify? Then contact us right away to get detailed information and a price list. We’re committed to helping you tell your story...through video.


Non-Profit Video Example

The Verdin Bell Company has been making bells, clocks, and towers since 1842. For this non-profit video, they partnered with the Honor Bell Foundation to tell the story of how bells can honor veterans and instill public appreciation for those who serve our country. 

We documented the full process of the creation of the bell from the Verdin Factory in Cincinnati to it's first tolling in Colorado.

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CAN your story inspire others?