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Tell Your Story To Make A Difference

Stories that move your audience are not only memorable, but can inspire change. They appeal to emotions and are more likely to be shared. These are often human interest stories and some in the form of personal interviews. It's a great tool for nonprofits, but business can inspire, too. A client success story can inspire action. An employee experience story can show culture and provide help for recruiting. Real people telling real stories is always an authentic and effective approach to video.

Time and time again, we conduct compelling interviews that could result in multiple edits. Considering all of your video needs upfront is a more efficient way to produce regular content for multiple objectives or audiences. Check out our Smart Video Solutions for multi-video benefits.

Types of Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Company Overviews
  • Case Studies
  • Recruitment Videos
  • Client Testimonials
  • Nonprofit Stories

Example Videos

Ways To Partner

Create a Campaign

A video marketing campaign includes a variety of video tactics and strategies to maximize reach and results. It’s often centered around one overall objective with multiple deliverables and applications to regularly engage your target audience(s).

Is a video campaign right for you?
  • You have an overall marketing objective for the campaign (ex. Brand Awareness and Lead Generation, Recruitment, Training or Tutorial Series, Educational Series, Video Blogs, Event Marketing, Capital Campaigns, etc.)
  • You would like a defined series of deliverables and strategy plan. 
  • You have a timeline to complete the campaign.
  • You want to maximize your time and budget. 
Retain Our Team

A video retainer is a partnership to provide ongoing video strategy and production services. A retainer allows for regular collaboration and content which enhances efficiencies and evolves with trends and tactics. 

Is a video retainer right for you?
  • You value regular video marketing and would like assistance planning and prioritizing content. 
  • You have multiple objectives or goals throughout the year to execute, sometimes requiring different video creative, styles or tactics.
  • You have ongoing video needs that arise and you need a go-to partner.
  • You want to maximize your time and budget. 
Contact us to Start a Campaign
Contact us for Retainer Options

What video can do for you

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Training & Explainer Videos

Teach your audience what you need them to know.

Testimonial & Documentary Videos

Tell your stories to make a difference.

Marketing & Commercial Videos

Attract new customers and share your value proposition.