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Enhance your existing products and services

You know video is the key to connecting more deeply with your audience. It’s a medium they are comfortable with and it engages like nothing else. Your future sales may depend on adding video to your existing product. Or, perhaps video is the answer to helping you scale your services. To meet this challenge you need some help.

Let Spotted Yeti guide you. We’ll help you discover where and how sales videos fit most appropriately into your current offerings. We’ll analyze your products and your audience. Then we’ll create high quality, goal-centric video storytelling that will keep your company relevant.

If you keep thinking, “We should be doing video” - let our creative professionals deliver exactly what you need. We have the tools and talent to tell your story well.

EXAMPLE VIDEO TO ENHANCE your existing content

For over 50 years, Bible-in-Life has served the Church with trusted curriculum for all ages, communicating the Gospel with clarity. To stay relevant in today's media-consuming environment, they wanted to add video to their Sunday school lessons. The result is a series of thought-provoking videos meant to introduce each lesson's theme to targeted age groups. 

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