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Engage Your Audience with Motion Graphics

Posted on August 3, 2023 by Liz Dawn


You have a product, a message, a solution to share with the world. But how do you get the attention of your target audience? And once you have their attention how do you make them remember you? Brand recognition is so important in today’s fast-paced world of social media consumption. You need an efficient, creative and professional video that engages with your target audience and deepens the connection with your brand. You need a Motion Graphics video!

What is Motion Graphics?

In its simplest form, motion graphics is a type of animation that is graphics in movement (ex. icons, text, branding elements). But it’s so much more! Motion graphics are a way to add depth and polish to your story and your brand, creating an interesting and memorable experience for your audience.

CVG_Breeze_Airlines_LaunchPhenomenal creative powers!

Motion graphics aren’t confined to what can be captured by a camera. You have complete creative freedom! The only limit is your imagination.

Take the viewer inside your product to see the inner workings. Illustrate a complex process that is entertaining and informative. Data points and graphs become dynamic and digestible with motion graphics.

Even if your topic is not traditionally exciting, creative motion graphics can grab the attention of the viewer and keep it for the duration of your video.


Motion graphics also work well with live action. You can still use that interview with your expert. Just add motion graphics to emphasize important points. Add callouts to footage of your new product to point out details your customer might not see in a photo. Make your video playful with elements unique to your brand.


This creates a more immersive experience and will hold the attention of the viewer longer. They are also more likely to share your video, thus getting you more brand recognition in a competitive marketplace.

At Spotted Yeti, we believe in Smart Video Solutions.

Let us be an extension of your marketing team. Stay out in front with regular, relevant content. Make a motion graphics video with us that can quickly be repurposed and build brand identity with the same style and voice. That’s smart video!


Are you ready to collaborate on a motion graphics video? Get in touch and read How to Prepare for Your Motion Graphics Videoto get started on the right track.


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