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Timing is Everything: The Video Marketing Funnel Part 2 of 2

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Casey Williams

If you read Part 1 of this post, you may recall that I started thinking about this topic on my son’s 7th birthday. I was rushing to get ready for his party and narrowly avoided a confrontation with a solicitor who didn't know that I was in no way mentally prepared to receive her message. Sure, you could look at this is a warning: picture me wagging my finger at you saying “Don’t you dare deliver the wrong message at the wrong time!” I’d rather you consider that this story illustrates an opportunity to deliver effective video marketing messages that your audience is prepared to hear. Part 1 of this post focused on video marketing during the Awareness and Consideration stages of the buyer’s journey. Let’s pick up where we left off.



My not-so-technical name for this is Video close to the buy-it-now button. Basically, this is an opportunity to leverage video at the point of sale. It’s why you buy a candy bar at the grocery store…because it’s right there and you already have your wallet out. Placing a video next to your CTA is like the candy next to the cash register. It can help potential customers get over that final mental hurdle when making their buying decisions. 

But not just any old video will do when you’re close to the finish line. Remember, people are selfish and emotion plays an important role in what we buy. So a video that reinforces the feeling you want your customers to have is an ideal choice to help seal the deal. Remember, the reason they found you in the first place is because they had a problem. Now you’ve helped them solve a problem that maybe they were stressed, confused, or fearful about. You and your customer are on the verge of a win-win situation, and that’s a story worth telling with video.

Zappos, the online clothing retailer, does this really well. I know that when I click on most items on their site, I'm going to be able to watch a video with a friendly personality that helps me picture myself wearing those Vans "Old SKools". And two inches to the right of that video is a big green button that says "Add to Cart". 

After the Sale

If your video strategy has been successful in escorting customers all the way from problem to solution, remember that it can also be a powerful tool that increases the lifetime value of your customers. Even after the sale, video can be great for customer on-boarding, product assembly, or tutorials. Who knows…maybe your customers will start creating and sharing their own videos using your products. That can be a great asset to accompany the content you’ve created for the next customer, and the next, and the next. You get the idea.

You may have forgotten by now, but this all started with a story about a car wash and a near-miss confrontation over a poorly timed party invitation. But what I hope you remember, is that your carefully crafted marketing messages aren’t just for anybody. They’re for the right sombodies at the right time.

Are you interested in staying ahead of the game with video marketing? That’s where Spotted Yeti Media can help. Contact us today to setup a meeting. We’ll help you discover how video can help to “show the world you exist.”



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