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Threads! What we know about Meta's new social platform.

Posted on July 12, 2023 by Christopher Hagan

The parent company of social media hits like Facebook and Instagram launched Threads on June 30, 2023 to take on the microblogging space dominated by Twitter. While incredibly new, here's what we know so far. Threads offers users the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings, or Starbucks orders using 500 characters or less to followers and non-followers alike. Posts, err, "Threads" garner attention via likes and participation. Engagement, again, is key. Not only is it important to create compelling and likable content, but you should create content that garners a reply and continued conversation, a "thread" if you will, which increases organic views and opportunities for more engagement.  Users can also share threads they like to followers and to Instagram, or via a link on other sites. 


As far as mature social media platforms go, Threads leaves a lot to be desired. Currently, there are no ads, that means your brand's participation should lean authentic to capitalize on organic reach and your social media manager needs to be active with replies.

There is no desktop support, just an app on iOS and Android. There is also no API, which is needed to support third party social media management software. Meta's own business suite also lacks Threads support.    

Threads requires an Instagram account to sign up. The good news, your handle will be the same on both platforms and is locked in whether you join Threads immediately or not. 

No hashtags, that's so Twitter.

Photos and Video

Photos and videos are supported. The displayed format is different than Meta's other platforms. Videos must be five minutes or less. An aspect ratio of 3:4 appears to provide the most screen real estate with 9:16 looking odd, and 16:9 appearing small. Another viable option is 1:1.

Download Our Smart Video Guide

We'll update this blog post as new features and information becomes available. In the mean time,  check out Threads yourself and let us know your thoughts.


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