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Why Video is a Great Medium to Communicate Your Message

Posted on May 30, 2024 by Stephanie Pierce


It’s no secret that in 2024 video content will play a huge role almost all marketing strategies. Video can help you tell your brand story, educate how your product is the solution to a challenge, and inspire change. Why does video work so well as a medium to communicate messages? Read on for our top 3 reasons! 

1.) Communicate More Of Your Message Faster

Did you know the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text? Think of what you’d like your customers or potential customers to know about your product or service. Now think about how long you’ll have their attention. 

The answer: Unless your audience is seated in front of a screen, in a room with a locked door, with their eyes forced open there isn’t even a guarantee you’ll get even one second of attention. The bright side: You can hedge your bets, and get more of your message across in a shorter amount of time in hopes that one main point or two will stick! 

Video works extremely well for taking long, complicated messages, and making them easier to understand. By adding visuals, you’re adding another layer of information that your brain processes. For example, what would you rather do when putting together a piece of furniture? Read through an instruction booklet or watch a two minute video on YouTube and see exactly how it’s done? 

An explainer video can help take complex ideas and present them in a manner everyone can understand.

2.) Bring Your Brand To Life

Having a powerful brand is great. Being able to communicate the essence of your brand to today’s already overstimulated and busy audience is key to any successful marketing strategy. Video can help bring your brand to life. With brand authenticity being more important than ever, it’s important to connect on a deeper and more emotional level with your audience. When you bring your brand to life through compelling visuals, the impact on your audience will be much greater. 

3.) Help Your Audience Retain Information Longer 

Forbes states that by adding videos to your content you’ll help your audiences remember specific details and increases message retention by 95%. An article by Hurixdigital explains the concept of regression like this:  

"While reading a piece of text, readers often lose track of where it all started. So, they go back to the start to re-read and understand the context. Since textual content is typically monotonous, it is not hard to lose track of the theme or concept at any time during the reading. Videos, on the other hand, almost entirely eliminate the problem of regression." 

In case you’ve already forgotten my first two points here’s a recap. 

Use video to communicate your message if:

  • You want to communicate more of your message faster.
  • You want to bring your brand to life!
  • You want your audience to retain more of your message. 

Hopefully by this point you’re not going back to read our first two points. Which actually brings up one final topic of discussion.

If video is better, why did we write a blog?

Even though our team obviously values video, we would never recommend for it to be the only way to connect with your target audience. A multi-format content approach is always the best way to cover all of your bases.



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