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Spotted Yeti Media Video Production Cincinnati Ohio City Skyline

Our Community

Covington, Kentucky. Cincinnati, Ohio.
It's Where we Live, Work, & Serve

hands-up for our local network

Covington, Kentucky has evolved to be one of the most vibrant and creative small cities in the United States. Spotted Yeti is delighted to be a part of this renaissance. 

We absolutely Love the Cov and can often be spotted grabbing coffee at Left Bank or discovering the latest cocktail at The Hannaford. Covington is where we run our business and where we thrive.

In this close-knit community our business associates have also become our friends. Our quarterly team competition with local PR firm Scooter Media is legendary. And we can’t wait every year for the highly competitive and slightly rowdy Badminton Brawl hosted by Covington-based architecture firm Hub + Weber.

Community Involvement

Yes, we like to have fun - but giving back to the community where we live and work is a big part of our mission. Our team members are involved in several local organizations including:

Spotted Yeti Media Video Production Cincinnati Community Engagement

Yeti Hands-up Video Package


In addition to our volunteer work, we are dedicated to offering affordable, yet high-quality video products for small, local businesses. This is in alignment with our pledge to support local growth. Contact us about our Yeti Hands-Up Package for the small, the new, and the charitable.

As much as we Love The Cov, we do travel extensively to serve the needs of our clients all over the globe. After all, our tagline is: Show The World You Exist!

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