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Meet The Spotted Yeti Team

The Strategy-Driven Creatives Behind Your Story

A modern video production company


Here at Spotted Yeti Media we know you have goals and want to see a return on your investment. That’s why we believe that the purpose of your video should drive every production decision. 

Our team is made up of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are a modern video production company for today’s ever-changing media environment. We’re knowledgeable about new trends in technology, strategy, social media, and production techniques, but we will never stray away from the importance of storytelling to make sure we’re helping craft a message that’s right for you. 

Whether you want to promote products or services, inspire through your mission, or update your current content, the Spotted Yeti Media team will always remain focused on telling the right message that moves your audience to think, feel, and act.


Molly Berrens


Molly Berrens’ rare combination of business savvy and creative imagination is why Spotted Yeti has grown from a one-woman operation to a major force in video production in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and beyond.

Along with her team, Molly helps businesses and organizations harness the compelling medium of video to tell stories that will promote their products and services and inspire their audiences. 

Prior to founding Spotted Yeti, Molly spent nearly a decade honing her skills in video production in the corporate, commercial, nonprofit, entertainment, and live event worlds. Molly knows that telling a story well involves more than just making a video - it’s connecting and engaging the people with whom you want to communicate.


Casey Williams

Vice President & Senior Producer

Casey Williams brings his talents as an educator, innovator, and business leader to the Spotted Yeti team. He works closely with our clients to develop the effective video content that we’re known for - content that engages audiences and meets business goals at the same time.

Casey is the driving force behind the implementation of our signature process, which serves the needs of a wide range of businesses and organizations. He believes that to tell a story well with video you must creatively merge nuances of character, the power of language, and the capabilities of technology.

Casey studied Electronic Media at the University of Cincinnati, has an MBA from Xavier University, and co-founded an education technology startup from the nationally ranked tech accelerator, UpTech in Covington, KY. 


Christopher Hagan

Production Manager

Chris Hagan joins Spotted Yeti after cultivating a diverse skillset working on commercial, corporate, feature film, music video, and social media video content in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Chris is passionate about visual storytelling with a focus on composition, movement, lighting, and editorial.

At Spotted Yeti, Chris contributes to the creative development process, skillfully imagines and captures compelling shots, and leads our post process as a senior editor.

Outside of work, Chris is busy networking, learning how to code apps, binge watching the next great show, taking care of his cat (Ronnie the Bear), and enjoying indie and blockbuster films on the silver screen.


Micheal Clouse

Motion Designer & Editor

Clouse brings his talent in design, animation and video editing to the Spotted Yeti team, along with a keen eye for detail, and strong knack for timing and rhythm. 

Clouse moved to Cincinnati from Pittsburgh to go to the University of Cincinnati/DAAP and is a proud graduate of the Graphic Communication Design Program. When he’s not pushing keyframes around, Clouse plays drums in a band called Dynamite Thunderpunch, watches reruns upon reruns of Adventure Time or Steven Universe, and enjoys sparking up intense discussions about about his music opinions, especially when it comes to 70s prog rock.  


Jenna Adkins

Associate Editor

Jenna Adkins divides her time between editing and assisting the producers when needed. She uses her experience in documentary-style editing to create compassionate stories that captivate audiences. 

Jenna graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music where she studied Electronic Media and developed her skills in video production. With a focus in producing and editing, she interned at various media companies including Cincinnati’s PBS station CET and co-produced content for The Art Show. Her experience elevates content to move viewers.

In her free time Jenna enjoys visiting local breweries, reading biographies, and bingeing TV shows on Netflix.


Clancy Calkins

Associate Producer

Clancy Calkins is a video strategist and producer with a background in documentary filmmaking. Her work has led her to a lot of interesting places and, on separate occasions, has found her filming Olympic gold medalists, while on a small crawfishing boat in the Louisiana Bayou, while scuba diving in a shark tank, and while tethered to a 5-story domed train station. She has a knack for breaking down ambiguous creative ideas into logistic next steps so that the process is calm, on time, and under budget. She believes that showing audiences different places and ways of life reminds them to be empathetic global citizens.

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