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4 Things to Consider When Casting Your Video

Posted on June 16, 2021 by Jenna Adkins

The time has come to select interview subjects for your video. We’ve decided on messaging, themes, location, and timing. You are now charged with identifying who in your team and network appears on-camera to represent your mission and story. Using testimonials in video is a powerful way to communicate vision and quality. 

What should you look for when casting this on-camera performance? It’s easy to contact your favorite co-workers or customers when casting your video, but the people we connect with on a personal basis may not always be the best choice on-screen. Consider the following four tips when making casting selections. 

1. Perspective

Chances are there are a number of roles that engage with your mission or business. The office admin may be able to speak to the efficiency and timeliness of your work. The client may offer a heartfelt story and sincere gratitude. The executive can speak toward vision, the future, the past. A volunteer might bring admiration, fervor and fun anecdotes.

Understanding which perspective is supporting your video’s objective will help shape the story you want to tell while providing a palette of storylines for an editor. Spotted Yeti specializes in building your story. You can consider an annual content calendar or our Smart Video Packages if you're interested in building a video strategy that aims to tell your story regularly with fresh content. 


2. Energy

Video is a visual medium and viewers are quick to disengage. Selecting a cast that has a “forward presence,” could be critical when commanding a viewer’s attention.

Think of key players for your video who are upright, bright-eyed, confident and friendly. These qualities will shine in a video, even if not overtly displayed. Selecting a cast that innately has an energizing presence allows the audience to begin building trust with their authenticity.

speaker-exudes-energy-on-cameraThis on-camera talent has energy that shines through the image.

3. Diversity

Videos benefit from the rich diversity of multiple demographics. Look at the cast you are considering and select people who have differences amongst themselves.

Our differences are important and including a range of diversity can tell a full, rich story of your work and is important to consider when selecting your key players.

4. Communication

Video interviews make many people nervous (we talk about a few ways to overcome those nerves here.). Selecting talent that have a penchant for understanding and interpersonal communication help alleviate nerves and allow the story to come forth.

Our team at Spotted Yeti knows how to effectively connect with your story through interviews. We know how to guide our subjects through a discussion and we get to create relationships during production that shape the content we receive from subjects.

Selecting key players that are open and willing to share is an essential step in getting the best stories for your video. 


Using personal accounts and testimonials is a powerful way to tell your story and an exciting part of our work! A professional interviewer is capable of getting a variety of soundbites and stories from your team, but it helps to be intentional with your casting to tell your story in the strongest way possible.


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