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Planning Your Annual Video Content Calendar

Posted on January 11, 2021 by Allyson West

It happens frequently – businesses recognize the importance of video marketing – eep, mere weeks or days before the impending need (such an event, holiday or sales season.) A hasty cell phone picture with a rushed caption posted for the online world to see is followed by lackluster engagement and buying transition.
  • Wouldn’t it be a relief to have a social calendar plotted out against the highs and lows of your business season?
  • Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that you already have the content considered and built for the big sales push, the big fundraising drive, the big outreach moment of your year?
  • Wouldn’t it be reassuring to spend your time furthering the goals and mission of your work and not rushing to produce video content to communicate your goals?
With social media growing every day, the need for authentic, impactful, consistent video content out of your business is essential to your company’s survival. Your customers need to know who you are and hear from you regularly.

Planning an annual video content calendar is easier than you might think. With a few dedicated sessions at the start-of-year meetings, you can walk away with a clear plan to reach and grow your audience.

Develop your Vision
The first step in creating your content calendar is to outline your goals for what you want video marketing to do for your business.
  • Do you want to build awareness of your brand or services? 
  • Do you have a need to communicate regularly with your audience? 
  • Do you want to educate your customers and build an evergreen video library? 
  • Do you want to showcase your brand’s personality or have just-for-fun content?

A long-term video marketing strategy often has several goals and needs and by planning ahead you can provide content at both the right time and place (ex. social platform). This first step in creating your video content calendar is the ideal time to involve our Spotted Yeti team, because your goals can inform creative and production decisions.


Once you have your goals outlined, we brainstorm topics together and deep dive into your ideal target audience. What are you passionate about and what does your customer want to hear? What media channels does your audience use most frequently?

Prioritizing your unique message and considering WHY your company’s vision is different than others in the marketplace will allow your content calendar to work smarter – not harder - on your behalf.

Dive into The calendar 
When you have a list of topics to work with, look at your company's event and sales calendar for the year and start plotting content alongside your business goals. When is your business planning new product launches? When are there specific events in your industry, region, or company? What holidays will require your support? You know your business workflow inside and out and can identify the flow of sales to increase engagement appropriately.

Roll up your Sleeves
With a list of topics, goals, and dates pinpointed on the calendar, now is the time to start prepping and creating your content. With our SMART video strategy, Spotted Yeti offers continuous video content (at varying levels) that allows your team to spotlight special moments throughout the year with considered and thoughtful video messaging.


We work with you to find the angle, develop the ask, write a story, build a production schedule, and produce your video content. The outcome is a series of videos ready to be scheduled throughout the upcoming year.

Our team on a video shootThe Spotted Yeti team works on set with a client after developing her content to 'ready for production.' 

What a relief! You can finally re-focus on making an impact and measuring results - knowing that your audience has targeted, composed videos and messages coming their way.

Be Present, Not Stressed
At this point, you should be asking yourself: why have I never done this before?
Social media is evolving continuously (and quickly) and staying current with the many trends is time-consuming. Luckily, the vast halting of many social events in 2020 highlighted that video is the cornerstone of media and marketing messaging, and essential to connecting with your customers quickly and effectively.

Focusing on a video content calendar as the foundation of engagement in the online world allows you to consistently communicate with your viewers and springboard conversations into follow up posts, tweets, and photos.

Trust your messages and work forward knowing you’re using every resource you have to extend your business. Happy New Year!


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