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Make it Smart: How Strategy Helps Video Results

Posted on November 20, 2020 by Molly Berrens

At Spotted Yeti Media, our tagline is “Show the World you Exist” because we want to go beyond just telling your story. We want to make sure it reaches your audience and produces results.

This has been our company mission from day one, which is why we created our smart video offering. What does smart video mean exactly? Allow us to explain! First, think of all those "smart" devices you own (phone, security system, thermostat, etc.). The "smart" aspect refers to a product that is made better or evolves by utilizing end user data. When we talk video strategy, the conversation centers around your organization's objectives and target audience and that data influences video style, platform, length, etc. Hence "smart" video.

smart video noun \ ‘smärt vid-ēō\ video content strategy and creation that drives audience engagement by leveraging market data and analytics.

Our team loves video, and we believe in the power of video storytelling. We all have different stories on why we got into the industry in the first place - from being enamored with childhood cartoons to the documentaries that were so powerful it made us change the way we live our daily lives. While each example is a little different, we all recognize the power of video to tell an epic story and to drive an audience to think, feel, and act. 

But just as the saying goes "if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" we feel the same about video production. Why produce it if it doesn't have an impact or is not seen by your desired audience?


Based on audience insights, we helped Xavier University develop a recruitment video campaign with different focuses on Instagram and Facebook to appeal to different audiences (prospective students and their parents). This video campaign helped in recruiting XU's second largest new student class. 

That is why, in addition to producing high quality videos that look amazing, we also think about how the audience is going to see them, and how they’re going to be motivated to feel.  After all, it takes some effort to make a video, and you should see a return on your investment.

Strategic-thinking is implemented at every step of the process when you hire Spotted Yeti for your project. We partner with clients to produce regular content, which is needed in today’s media landscape where consistent videos help move your organization’s narrative along. We meet with you to discuss your goals, help craft a vision that will tell the right story, and think about how to distribute the video so it is getting to the right audience. Or, if you’re already producing videos but need some guidance to craft a longterm plan, we can help with strategy ideas too.

We’re also excited to meet you wherever you are at in the process of implementing video and digital strategy into your business, and we’re happy to announce our updated package options we’re sure will launch your organizations into a new tier of awesomeness.


Every client is different, so your video and strategy needs will be unique. We’re excited to help you discover what that strategy is! In fact, we think it’s smart. 


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