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The Benefits of a Smart Video Package

Posted on December 22, 2022 by Bryan Houston

Content is king and it can be a daunting task to consistently bring fresh video content to your audience. Quality video content takes a combination of skill, creativity, and technical infrastructure. Not every company has an internal video resource. On top of that, you have a budget and deadlines to worry about. We get it. That’s why Spotted Yeti offers Smart Video Packages.

What is a Smart Video Package?

A Smart Video Package is a retainer agreement where Spotted Yeti partners with you to produce videos as part of a monthly subscription. But it's more than just having great videos. With all Smart Video Packages we develop a video  strategy and roadmap to leverage your content effectively. Strategy is the difference between simply having video content and how to use it to achieve results. We offer pre-built packages or they can be customized to your needs.

Why Should I 'Make it Smart' with a Smart Video Package?

1. Save money and time

With a Smart Video Package, we’re able to establish an annual or semi-annual budget up front to help you control and plan your video marketing costs. With a consistent video partner, you can streamline communication and avoid onboarding with each new project. Furthermore, as the relationship builds, we develop a tactical toolkit (for example, with brand assets, motion graphics, and footage libraries), reducing production time and developing content faster. 

2. Access to an entire video team

The team at Spotted Yeti Media is a talented mix of creatives, strategists, and all-around great people that live and breathe video. We have experts in planning, scriptwriting, production, editing, motion design, audio mixing, and strategy execution - all who work together to help you create something magical for your brand. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but honk honk. 

3. Consistency

Without a dedicated internal resource or a committed agency partner, you may utilize multiple production resources throughout the year. Each one brings their own unique skill set and perspective to the project. But with so many cooks in the kitchen, your brand may get lost in the inconsistency. With a Smart Video Package at Spotted Yeti, you know you will receive a consistent quality throughout the relationship. 

4. Availability and Trust

We value our relationships and appreciate the trust that clients put in us to tell their story. With a Smart Video Package, we are able to partner with you over the course of a campaign or content calendar, rather than a ‘one and done’ single video model. Additionally, when questions or unanticipated opportunities arise, the partnership is already established and we're just a phone call away. 

5. Strategy

Our team is not just creatives, producing content and then handing it off. We’re also strategists that stay in tune with advances in technology and trends in content consumption. We’ll help you get the most out of your content so that it finds your audience.  We also understand things can change quickly in media - today’s bustling social platform may be tomorrow’s digital ghost town. With an ongoing relationship, we’re able to read the analytics, build upon success, and pivot when necessary. We want to be an extension of your marketing team, helping your content find your audience at the right time and place.CHECK OUT OUR SMART VIDEO PACKAGESSo are you ready to get smart and combine STRATEGY + VIDEO PRODUCTION to get the results you desire? Our Smart Video Packages are a great way to produce great content, plan ahead, and stay on budget. Let's chat!





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