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Stories From Behind the Camera

Using Authentic Video Marketing to Build Trust with Your Audience

Posted on February 12, 2021 by Jenna Adkins

Video is more relevant than a social media post, more than a written review. It’s an intimate look at your company’s strengths and successes, and an opportunity for you to connect with customers. Video is the introduction you want to new customers – the beginning of a relationship between you and your audience that is lasting and engaging.

As video and online engagement become more necessary, customers have gravitated toward social media and video testimonials to research the endless possibilities of where to spend their money.

Being smart with authentic video strategy allows you to reach your customers better – and more directly. Whether you produce content in-house or outsource to a production company, now is the time to reach your audience and show them your real, true professional self.

1. Video Highlights Authenticity

Customers want to know who you are. They want to learn about your unique journey and connect with you, which fosters a positive experience while doing business with you. Talking openly and directly about your work and your goals allows your customer the opportunity to empathize and rally around your business.

When you show your face, you’re reminding them of your humanity. You are an authentic person trying to achieve business success, and they are a customer looking to invest in a company they can relate to. Offering this insight through video puts you in front of your customers and shows vulnerability. 


2. Video Allows Customers to "Hear it" From Strangers

Testimonials are powerful. New customers appreciate an outside opinion and want to see success stories of others who have worked with you and had a positive experience. Testimonials are a source of credibility, allowing a purchaser to create a full, broad idea of who you are and how you do business.

You can – and should – share various perspectives in your videos. These perspectives, whether they are testimonials from employees or customers – allow others to reinforce the narrative of who you are and how you like to do business.

Choosing the right talent for your videos is crucial, and Spotted Yeti can guide you through the process of selecting the friends you place onscreen.

3. Video Can Showcase Your Day-to-day Efforts.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then moving pictures must be worth a fortune. Video can illustrate your hard work and hustle by combining behind-the-scenes perspectives, day-to-day imagery, real life experiences, location shots – all the big and small moments that build your business – right alongside your story.

SYM-CVGSpotted Yeti adventures to a job site to gather day-in-the-life footage for a client video.

If a customer has seen your process and can see you or your team actively working to provide a great experience, then they will feel more trust when contacting you or walking into your front door.

4. Video Provides a Continuum for Consistency

Consistency builds credibility. Providing ample content for a customer to listen to you and hear your goals affords repeat opportunities for you to win customers over.

Creating a video plan that allows your customers to engage in your mission, and your work on a recurring basis, and it allows your customers to see and learn who you are. This repeat confirmation of who your business is and what you are working to achieve, increases engagement, awareness, and the opportunity for customers to become super fans.


Using video to continue reaching your market – to continue showing the world you exist – is essential to the long-term health of your audience. Curating repeat customers and repeat engagement allows you to widen your foundation and expand your reach.

Customers are provided endless options when spending their dollars. Using video to build trust with your customers is a smart way to garner new and repeat business.


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